PARTNERS IN HEALTH: New Health Center Opens in Liberia

Nurses At "New Pleebo" Health Center

When the Ebola epidemic in Liberia began to wind down a year ago, the journalists folded their notebooks, the aid workers helicoptered off for other emergencies, and Partners In Health staff got busy. In a small district surrounded by rubber tree forest, they started renovating “New Pleebo,” a nine-bed public health center that was our first major infrastructure project in Liberia.

An X-Ray Machine that Inspires Devotion

The newborns rest at Partners In Health-supported J.J. Dossen Hospital in Liberia earlier this month. By Ben Huntley / Partners In Health

Last month a 6-year-old girl in remote Maryland County, Liberia, was climbing a tree, as many do during mango season, and fell from a high branch. Her forearm fractured and bent. Left to heal on its own, the two halves of her radius probably wouldn’t have aligned correctly and would have grown increasingly disfigured as she aged.

Government to “Kill” 3-Day Free Calls

Pressure Group Urges Senate Not to Concur with the House.

Over 700 Liberians under the umbrella of the National Association of Telecom Consumers of Liberia (NATELCO) have urged the Liberian Senate not to concur with the House of Representatives in the passage of the “One cent tax per every call,” which would increase hardship in the nose-diving economy and automatically abort the celebrated three-day free calls promotion.


Three Boys, Three Joys: Triplets Born in Liberia

On a hot and humid Monday in early December, 28-year-old Elizabeth Sieh climbed the handful of stairs to her neighborhood health center in southern Liberia and nurses in the admitting area could tell, immediately, that this was no ordinary pregnancy. The petite woman’s belly was really big. Maybe she was carrying twins?

The petite woman’s belly was really big. Maybe she was carrying twins? Or maybe a disease such as hepatitis had enlarged her liver? Neither, it turned out. An ultrasound at J.J. Dossen, a PIH-supported hospital down the road, revealed that Sieh was 33 weeks pregnant with triplets.

Cummings Laments Underdeveloped Southeastern Liberia

Harper, Maryland County – Inadequate representation and lack of vision that attends to the plight of Liberians, especially those in the rural counties, is a major challenge Liberian politicians struggle to address year-in-year-out. This situation continues to retard the country’s development and further weakens the country’s

Presidential aspirant and leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, has alarmed over the enormous difficulties people living in the southeastern part of Liberia are faced with on a daily basis to make ends mee

‘Mad Woman’ Slaughter Three Persons In Pleebo, Maryland County

Fresh report coming from the southeastern City Pleebo in Maryland County says a crazy woman today butchered three persons including a child after she reportedly entered the home of the victims with cutlass. According to the report, the woman who was arrested by police later died. It is still unclear as to what led to her death, and the identity of those that were reportedly butchered.

Tubman University Sacks Associate Vice President Over Alleged Bribery

Harper, Maryland County - The President of the William V.S. Tubman University in Maryland County, Dr. Edward Larma Wonkeryor has announced the dismissal of one of the University’s Vice Presidents for alleged corrupt practices.

LIBERIA: First 2017 Female Presidential Aspirant

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s constitutionally dictated absence at the upcoming 2017 presidential election will not be missed, gender-wise, as the first female aspirant has emerged saying that she has the requisite credentials and is prepared to lead the country.

“Take Psychosocial Health Seriously” – Liberian US-Base Psychologist

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell: US-Based Liberian Psychologist

Monrovia - It’s been 13 years since the Liberian civil war ended but the country is still grappling with psychosocial issues and the need for de-traumatization of many of the its citizens, especially for the youth, cannot be over emphasized.

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, a Liberian Psychologist based in the United States of America, thinks the country must take the issue of rehabilitation and mental health seriously, if citizens are to adopt the right attitude that would meaningfully contribute to the development of society and the improvement of their lives.




Liberia Needs A New Unification And Integration Policy?

William V.S. Tubman: 18th President Of Liberia

The Republic of Liberia was at this point in her history when William VS Tubman was elected president in 1944. Most of what is known today as Liberia was isolated from Monrovia, and the isolation was described in such terms as “hinterland” or interior. Even Monrovia, itself, was a semi-forested land with one or two generators to provide electric lights with most of the so-called hinterland was economically and politically neglected.

Liberia: 350 Voter Registration Kits Arrive

1,000 others expected early next year

As voter registration for the upcoming presidential and representative elections begins early next year, the National Elections Commission (NEC) announced the arrival of 350 Voter Registration Kits (VRKs) into the country today.

Police Raids Ghettos, Arrest Suspected Drug Dealers in Harper

Harper, Maryland County - The Liberian National Police Maryland detachment has arrested suspected drugs peddlers and users during an early morning raid of ghettos in Harper City, Maryland County and its environs.

LNP CSD Commander in Maryland County says about 15 suspected drugs addicts from several communities including Old Kru Town, Water Street, Printy Street, and the notorious Hoffman station were arrested. According to Fredrick Smith, in the aftermath of Tuesday’s raid, huge quantities of narcotic substances with street value yet to be disclosed were seized.


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