Some Areas In The City Of Harper

  • Wah Hodo Wloh

  • Big Town

  • Hoffman Station

  • Nyenkanbo

  • Bassa Community

  • Downtown

  • Upper Cape

  • Middlesex

  • Hance Street

  • New Krutown

  • Old Krutown

  • Barrobo Community

  • Bunker Hill/Airfield

  • Tobiatown

  • Philadelphia

  • Plucek

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Harper Commonwealth Destrict, is located at the southeren tip of Liberia, major towns and cities include, Harper, Fishtown. Rocktown, Bigtown, Cavalla, Half-Gravy, etc. The Harper Commonwealth District is Maryland electoral district #1

The City of Harper, adminstratiive seat of Maryland County is also located in the Harper Commonwealth Districts. It isnamed after Robert Goodloe Harper, a prominent U.S. politician and member of the American Colonization Society. It was he who proposed the name Liberia for the American Colonization Society's settlement in Africa, and the town of Harper was named in honor of him. Harper was the capital of the short-lived Republic of Maryland.

Before the First Liberian Civil War, Harper was an important administrative centre. Harper is slowly being rebuilt but without central electricity or water. No hotels and few low standard guesthouses and restaurants are functional. Tubman University, one of only two public universities in Liberia, is located in Harper.

Magnificent unexploited beaches stretch for miles on both sides of Harper and warm ocean temperature year round. Fish are found in abundance, as well as whales, dolphins and large oysters. Fanti Canoes sail from Harper to Monrovia via Greenville. This trip can take from 3 to 6 days depending on the wind and weather. A UNMIL ship, the MV Catarina, sails fortnightly between Harper and Monrovia. From the Ivory Coast, Harper is accessible from Tabou.

One of the town's most famous sons is President William Tubman, who was born in Harper.

Cape Palmas is considered to be one of the traditional hometowns of the Americo-Liberians, descendants of freed slaves from the United States who settled in Liberia and declared it an independent country in 1847. John Brown Russwurm, an African American abolitionist and governor of Monrovia, was buried in Harper after his death. There is a statue to commemorate his grave site.

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Founding of The Republic Maryland In Africa

John B Russurm: First Black Governor Of Maryland In Africa

In December 1831, the Maryland state legislature appropriated an annual US$10,000 for 26 years to transport free blacks and ex-slaves from the United States to Africa. The act appropriated funds of up to $20,000 a year, up to a total of $260,000, in order to commence the process of African colonization, a considerable expenditure by the standards of the time. The legislature empowered the Maryland State Colonization Society to carry out the ends it had in view. read more

The Grebo Tribe Of Liberia

Current Population: 387,000 (2001 est)

Grebo people (or Glebo) is a term used to refer to an ethnic group or subgroup within the larger Kru group of West Africa, a language and cultural ethnicity, and to certain of its constituent elements. Within Liberia members of this group are found primarily in Maryland County and Grand Kru County in the southeastern portion of the country, but also in River Gee County and Sinoe County. read More

Maryland County Development Agenda

Maryland County shall be a secured, peaceful, socially, economically and infrastructurally viable County with a system of good governance, justice
and equal opportunities for all. read more

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