...Up to date Information on the Karluway District is based on the Karluway District Association-USA or KDA. Its ultimate goal is to help improve the lives and living conditions of people in Karluway Statutory District, Liberia. KDA maintains active affiliations and supports the causes of those local and national non-profit organizations who shares it goals and mission.

The Assemble of Young Students of Karluway District

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Founding of The Republic Maryland In Africa

John B Russurm: First Black Governor Of Maryland In Africa

In December 1831, the Maryland state legislature appropriated an annual US$10,000 for 26 years to transport free blacks and ex-slaves from the United States to Africa. The act appropriated funds of up to $20,000 a year, up to a total of $260,000, in order to commence the process of African colonization, a considerable expenditure by the standards of the time. The legislature empowered the Maryland State Colonization Society to carry out the ends it had in view. read more